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Noni Vitrue – Fraud seller, harmful product


More investigations about AnVy Food Co. Ltd: this company was established in 2015 and was warned to sell counterfeit functional food and conduct unlawful marketing campaign. Vietnam news channels have widely reported illegal activities and harmful products of An Vy Food. Several products of An Vy Food (including Noni juice) had been alerted because they did not have legal food safety license to be sold and marketed.

After being exposed to conduct a series of fraudulent activities, Tuan Tu Ha (hereafter Dut on the Internet) did come back and recently has been seen as a presenter of AnVy Food in a local fair.

Stand D8 belonged to AnVy Food Co Ltd. Tuan Tu Ha’s title was presented as the sale/ marketing assistant.

Tu Ha just few months ago was arrested by Vietnamese police on theft charge:
tu dut


In 2007, Noni’s scam was raised all over the world. Noni is a small evergreen tree growing easily in warm climates throughout Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, including the South of Vietnam. The Noni juice is just the same with pineapple, orange and apple, it means it does not have any magical benefit to the consumers’ health. In converse, it has all the markings of a bad medicine: causing kidney-related disease or high potassium levels in the bloodstream (Livescience, 2006). When the truth was revealed, Noni products disappeared on the market.

However, recently, Tuan Tu Ha and Phuong Thanh Vu (Ms. X) have co-operated with Hoang Anh Luong (well-known as “Luon” or “Diem Chui” on the Internet) to advertise Noni products. They know that they are under the boycott of netizen; therefore, they have asked another person (Hoang Anh Luong) on their behalf to be the seller. This person (Hoang Anh Luong) can be easily searched on the Internet and found to be inundated with scandals. Especially, she has been unmasked to sell low-quality products on Facebook with inflated price and boycotted strictly.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 2.09.19 PM.png


Although Noni products are sold at a high price, Noni juice is a useless health product. Even FDA has issued multiple warnings to Noni manufacturers about health claims that aren’t supported by research (Food Safety News, 2018). In some documentation, it is proven to have side effects to pregnant women and toddler mothers. The consumers can find these information in Vietnamese. There are some examples as followed:

[Pineapples are not recommended in maturity period because it contains bromelain, a type of enzyme softens your cervix and brings on labour. Pregnancies can eat small amount because it does not affect the labour. However, the pregnant women should avoid pineapple in the first 3 months because bromelain makes them feel exhausted, causes morning sickness and higher probability of miscarriage.

Noni can served as food. However, it is unlikely to be safe if it is treated as a medicine.

  • Pregnant women and breast-feeding: Avoid using Noni if you are pregnant. Historically, Noni was used for abortion purpose. You also should avoid Noni during breast-feeding period. No sufficient information proves the safety of using Noni during this time.
  • Kidney-related problems: People prone to hyperkalemia know to avoid bananas or orange juice, naturally high in potassium, but many are unaware of the high potassium levels in Noni.]

Several newspaper, even the national channel VTV has raised the concern about Noni’s issue:

Public Security News ( Công an nhân dân:

“What is Noni elixir in Hai Phong?”

This Noni juice is advertised to cure hundred illness and causes a trend in Hai Phong. An unlawful seminar was conducted in Huu Nghi hotel attracting a high traffic of customers. If the authorities had not detected timely, many people would have spent money on Noni and become a distributor of this fraudulent marketing scheme (multi-level marketing).

MOH has requested Noni Vina Co., Ltd recall some categories due to the misleading information about Noni juice.

The Business Development Director in South East Asia market has affirmed that the advertising documents used by the distributors is not correct. Noni juice is just the same as other juice which is healthy but not a magical medicine.

The Vietnam Food Administration MOH (VFA) immediately required Noni Vina Co. Ltd recall this products for further investigation as these products had not registered before 10/6/2005. However, the company ignored the warning from VFA. On 11/6, Noni products was still introduced to the consumers in the Noni seminar at Hai Phong.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 2.01.35 PM
Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 2.00.36 PM

DANTRI Newspaper: (báo Dân Trí):

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 1.40.46 PMScreen Shot 2019-10-03 at 1.40.51 PM

[Translation: Noni elixir is back!

Tahitian Noni is advertised widely as an elixir. Not only that, the participants who joined this Multi-level marketing scheme received a promising compromise to be a millionaire/ billionaire in a short time.

After being imported to Vietnam under category of selling juice, on 10/06/2004, Noni Vina Co., Ltd was issued with a business registration certificate (BRC) upon its establishment of “selling cosmetics, supplements – hair tools, textiles, food and fruit juice” by the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) of Ho Chi Minh City. Basically, this company is not allowed to sell medicine.

However, the flyers and distributors exaggerated Noni products as a magical medicine which can cure hundreds of illness.]

The prominent Science and Life Newspaper ( Báo Khoa học đời sống) stated: “The Vietnam Food Administration MOH (VFA) – has issued warnings to public about AnVy Food. Their counterfeit functional products are in shade of oriental medicine to be sold on the market”.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 2.57.52 PM.png

[Translation: AnVy Food’s products are in shade of oriental medicine?

( – Several superfood of AnVy Food are suspected to be under shadow of oriental medicine to be marketed illegally.

VFA – MOH has issued announcement to alert residents to AnVy’s tricks. They renamed their superfood to oriental medicine. Furthermore, on their promotion pages such as,, cikan,vn.., they quoted the advice of Mr Phung Hoa Binh – president of oriental medicine department of Ha Noi University of Pharmacy on the benefits of oriental medicine to consumers’ health. These advices caused the misleading information that AnVy’s superfood also has the same benefits with oriental medicine.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.03.31 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.07.03 PM.png

The consumers can easily access the website of VFA and search for “AnVy” or “Noni products”. It is demonstrated that Noni juice of this company has not registered with VFA.

71528127_914101058952125_890729183003541504_n (1).png

There are multiple ways to earn money ethically; but they chose an illegitimate path. It is obvious that Ms X has co-operated with Hoang Anh Luong to distribute, exaggerate the benefits of Noni juice (including cancer cure and weight management) and sell them at inflated price. After being free from the prison (the prosecution was not conducted due to several reasons), Tuan Tu Ha still despised the law. The misleading information in the advertisement is unlawful and causes severe consequences on consumers’ health.

Ms. X plays the seeding roles, pretends to “invite others to buy bulk orders for a cheaper price” while she is the seller. Furthermore, advertising as a “diabetes curing medicine” is not true.


[Translation: I want to give this to grandparents of my children because I heard that it is 100% pure Noni juice. Other American brand’s Noni juice on the market is mixed with berry or grapefruit and so on. Same Noni juice but the proportion of Noni is different.

Only this product is 100% pure. Ms. Hoang Anh Luong today gives free 2 bottles if we purchase 1 box – 10 bottles. Then I would ask if someone wants to order together with me for cheaper price.

It is really good for joints and diabetes patients, associated with other health benefits. Anyone wants to share?]

Tuan Tu Ha’s personal page still keeps several positions from the previous bankrupted (and fraudulent) entities. Vietnamese proverb says “close to ink then black, near by light then bright”. Since the past up to now – 2019, he continues on the fraudulent business to cause severe effects on consumers’ health. Moreover, Ms. X repeatedly spreads the news that Tuan Tu Ha “launched a new startup” while this company was set up in 2015 by another person and has only 1 sale/ marketing staff. The lie continues to fool the netizens and consumers.


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